Slap on the logos! Virtually 100% of paper packaging is recyclable in Canada

Canadian box, bag and carton manufacturers can now print the word “Recyclable” and the Recyclable logos on their packaging, safe in the knowledge that the industry has independent, third-party proof to back up the claim.

We’ve claimed recyclability for most paper packaging for years,based on our own knowledge, and an internal study. But now we have data at the municipal, provincial and national levels that tells us exactly what paper packaging can be sent for recycling, and where. [1]

The study by CM Consulting shows exceptionally high national access rates compared to most other materials: 96% for old corrugated boxes and kraft paper (bags); and 94% for old boxboard (cartons). The slightly lower access rate for old boxboard is probably because some Nova Scotia programs encourage residents to compost the used cartons rather than to recycle them.



PPEC is now actively encouraging its members and their customers to print the word “Recyclable” and the recyclable logos on their packaging. For a summary of the report, click here.




[1] The data that PPEC purchased covers Canadians’ access to the recycling of the major packaging grades: corrugated boxes, boxboard or paper cartons, and kraft paper (including bags). Minor categories such as waxed paper or waxed corrugated, paper cups, fibre coffee sleeves or “other” paper packaging, are not included.

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John Mullinder

Executive Director Paper & Paperboard Packaging Environmental Council (PPEC)

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