What’s the key difference between paper and most other packaging materials?
Paper packaging is made from a renewable resource
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What’s the largest consumer of the Canadian commercial forest?
Bugs and insects.
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What are the leading causes of deforestation in Canada?
Agriculture and oil and gas projects
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Is Canada running out of trees?
No. The harvest and renewal of trees is in balance.
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Do we cut down a tree every time we need a new box, bag, or carton?
No. Most paper packaging made in Canada is made from 100% recycled material
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Do we use all parts of the tree that we harvest?
Yes, virtually 100%. What cannot be used to make paper is converted into biomass energy to power the mill
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Are Canadian forests responsibly managed?
Yes. Some 40% of the world’s independent, third-party certified forests are right here in Canada
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Do Canadian packaging mills use responsible sources of paper material to make their products?
Yes. Every PPEC-member mill has what is called “chain-of-custody” certification
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Is paper packaging recyclable in Canada?
Yes. Virtually all Canadians can recycle boxes, bags and cartons
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