Environmental Sustainability

The paper packaging industry is committed to the highest level of environmental sustainability.

Recycled Content

The Canadian paper-based packaging industry collects and recycles packaging to ensure they are remade into new products again and again.

Paper Packaging Circular Economy

Canada’s paper packaging industry is one of the most successful examples of a circular economy.


cart before the horse EPR ICI

Revisiting EPR for IC&I

June 27, 2024

Last year the Paper and Paperboard Packaging Environmental Council (PPEC) asked if we were putting the cart before the horse when it came to considering a regulated Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) approach for recycling packaging in the non-residential sector, commonly known as the Industrial, Commercial and Institutional or IC&I sector. Revisiting that question now and […]

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New StatsCan Data Shows Paper Represents Majority of Diverted Materials

April 24, 2024

Statistics Canada released the results of its biennial Waste Management Survey1, containing waste diversion data for 2022. PPEC’s latest blog breaks down the stats and discusses the importance of recycling data. The new data shows that Canadian households and businesses diverted 9,898,882 tonnes of waste in 2022, and of the total amount diverted, 3,571,384 tonnes […]

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Sustainable Forest Management is Essential to Canada’s Paper Packaging Industry

March 21, 2024

Sustainable forest management is essential to the Canadian paper packaging industry and its circular economy. Environmental sustainability is at the core of the operations of Paper and Paperboard Packaging Environmental Council (PPEC) member companies, who use recycled content as their primary feedstock in making paper packaging products. And yet, misconceptions surrounding forestry and paper packaging […]

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Celebrating International Women’s Day with Candice Ruggero from Cascades Recovery+

March 8, 2024

International Women’s Day is not just a celebration of women’s achievements but also a reminder of the importance of gender equality and inclusivity. In Canada’s paper packaging industry, women play an integral role in driving sustainability forward. From leadership positions to frontline roles, women contribute their expertise, knowledge, insights, and experience in advancing the circularity […]

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Celebrating the Recyclability of Pizza Boxes on National Pizza Day

February 9, 2024

It is National Pizza Day on February 9, 2024, and the Paper and Paperboard Packaging Environmental Council (PPEC) is marking the occasion by celebrating the recyclability of pizza boxes! Pizza boxes are typically made from corrugated board, which is made mostly from recycled content. So once that pizza is eaten, and the box is empty […]

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Environmental Issues PPEC Will Be Watching in 2024

January 8, 2024

PPEC’s look ahead to some of the key paper packaging industry environmental issues for 2024

Welcome to PPEC

The Paper and Paperboard Packaging Environmental Council (PPEC) has been a trusted and credible industry voice for the Canadian paper-based packaging industry for more than 30 years. 

  • PPEC represents approximately 90% of the Canadian paper packaging industry on environmental issues. PPEC members include paper packaging mills and converters operating in Canada who manufacture the major paper packaging grades: containerboard, boxboard, and Kraft paper. Learn more about PPEC members here.
  • Through ongoing advocacy and communications, PPEC promotes the positive environmental attributes of paper-based packaging and the circular economy of our industry.

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