Established in 1990, the Paper and Paperboard Packaging Environmental Council (PPEC) is the national voice for the Canadian paper packaging industry on environmental issues.

PPEC member companies include mills and packaging converters operating across Canada, who manufacture the three major packaging grades:

  • Containerboard (used to make corrugated boxes),
  • Boxboard (used to make boxboard cartons), and
  • Kraft paper (used to make paper bags).

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PPEC works to promote the environmental sustainability of the Canadian paper packaging industry and its long-standing and successful circular economy.

PPEC works to correct misinformation about the Canadian paper packaging industry and provides analysis, insight, and research on the industry’s environmental issues. PPEC plays a leadership role in helping to advance and support the paper packaging industry in a wide range of environmental issues, including recycling and Extended Producer Responsibility, environmental claims and greenwashing, sustainable forest management, and climate change. 

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