There is general agreement that there are three key elements to sustainability: environmental, social, and economic. To make this relevant to packaging, an international alliance of major retailers and consumer goods companies recently developed a Global Protocol on Packaging Sustainability. This outlines 42 different metrics (or ways of measuring) sustainability that companies should take into account when thinking about the packaging that delivers their products.

We focus on some of these metrics here (mostly the environmental ones) to demonstrate the sustainability of paper packaging made in Canada. The information below covers paper packaging generally (all grades). If you want specific environmental information on corrugated boxes, boxboard cartons or paper bags, check out our grade-specific websites:;; and

Social Sustainability:

The packaging mills and converters are part of the communities in which they reside: providing jobs, paying taxes, giving back through voluntary contributions and sponsorships, and investing in community projects. They meet federal and provincial laws on employment (working hours, workplace practices, child labour, remuneration, discrimination, and freedom of association and collective bargaining). They meet occupational health and safety performance standards, and have introduced environmental management systems and energy audits and reviews.