One industry voice on the environment

As the environmental voice for the paper packaging industry, the role of the Paper and Paperboard Packaging Environmental Council (PPEC) is to provide credible and trusted information, insight, and perspective on a wide range of environmental issues on behalf of all of our members. 

Our Strong Environmental Voice Represents the Industry 

At PPEC, we represent the paper packaging industry. In fact, more than 90% of Canadian paper packaging companies are members of PPEC and rely on our organization to be the lead voice for the industry when it comes to environmental issues. PPEC members include paper packaging mills and converters who manufacture the three major paper packaging grades: containerboard, boxboard, and Kraft paper.  

When PPEC was launched in 1990, the industry recognized that one strong and impactful voice was needed. At the time, there were multiple organizations focused on the sector and the issues, but the industry came together to build a coordinated approach and action under PPEC. That critical role of being a strong voice and trusted resource not only still exists today, but it is even more important than ever.

The industry has changed dramatically over the last 30 years as the issues have evolved and the importance and attention on environmental issues has continued to grow. At PPEC, we continue to dig deeper into the environmental issues impacting paper packaging, and we work to ensure that government, our stakeholders, and the public understand the benefits and the positive nature of how our products come to market and are managed throughout their lifecycle.  

A Voice Based on Credible, Factual Information 
Through advocacy and communications, PPEC promotes the environmental attributes of paper-based packaging and helps consumers understand how our products fit into the new environmentally sustainable world. The public is inundated with information, especially on the web and in social media, and there is an opportunity for the industry to stand strong and peel back the layers to share factual and easy-to-understand information. Through blogs, FAQs, social media, and other communications, PPEC promotes credible, fact-based, unbiased, and timely information to industry, government, stakeholders, and consumers to help share the positive story about paper packaging, where it comes from, how it is produced, and how it is recycled. 

Through our one strong voice, PPEC advocates to federal and provincial governments for fairness in legislated paper packaging recycling and Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) programs across Canada. We stay on top of the latest program and legislative developments as recycled paper fibres represent a key component to our industry’s circular economy. We connect and network with other industry organizations to address environmental issues and information, and PPEC helps to develops practical solutions and promote the environmental performance and achievements of the industry. 

From recycling and extended producer responsibility to sustainable forest management, environmental claims and greenwashing, the circular economy, and climate change, PPEC provides factual, science-based information and insight from the lens of the paper packaging sector. 

Stronger Together 
The members and the staff of PPEC are proud of the united, strong voice we provide. 

While we each could raise our voices separately about the industry, paper packaging, our environmental commitments, innovation in the sector, and the sustainability of our products, when we come together and speak as one, the message is stronger. We are stronger together and we are proud to have a strong message to share about the environmental sustainability success story of the Canadian paper packaging industry.