PPEC Membership Benefits

The Paper and Paperboard Packaging Environmental Council (PPEC) has been a trusted and credible industry voice for the Canadian paper-based packaging industry for over 30 years, advocating on behalf of its members, and promoting the industry’s environmental sustainability achievements and progress.

PPEC membership offers a number of benefits to help your organization and its employees stay informed on sustainability and recycling issues that impact your business.


PPEC members have access to an extensive library of a variety of resources to help them understand and communicate with their employees, customers, and other stakeholders about the environmental attributes of paper-based packaging, and our industry’s sustainable and circular economy approach. PPEC has over 40 Fact Sheets about paper-based packaging, Info Sheets providing summaries of government and industry emerging issues, our biennial recycled content survey results, and our circular economy infographic.


Speaking with a single and credible voice on behalf of the industry, PPEC represents its members to Canadian provincial and federal governments on waste diversion and recycling issues. On behalf of its members, PPEC participates in consultations, and prepares submissions and correspondence, in response to policy and regulatory issues impacting the paper-based packaging industry. Some of our key issues include supply and quality of feedstocks, material contamination, promoting a level playing field between materials, fair steward fees, and lobbying for practical and fair waste diversion targets.


PPEC promotes the environmental sustainability of the paper-based packaging industry, and corrects misinformation and misperceptions about the industry, through its long-standing and well-known blog, as well as through its websites, social media, and other publications. Every two years, PPEC publishes its exclusive Recycled Content survey report. This data illustrates the industry's sustainability story that the major paper-based packaging grades – containerboard, boxboard, and kraft paper – made by Canadian mills today is 100% recycled content.



PPEC offers its members training and advice on the sustainability of the paper-based packaging industry, regulatory issues impacting members, and other emerging sustainability issues. PPEC’s Eco-Training Sessions are tailor-made for our members sales and marketing teams, and other company employees, to help educate them on the environmental attributes of paper-based packaging, and the overall sustainability of our industry. We also offer our members a review of their company website from an environmental perspective.

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