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Infosheets 2016

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January 12, 2016

What does Blue Box recycling cost in Ontario? Read it here

Infosheets 2015

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December 09, 2015November 25, 2015November 05, 2015April 10, 2015March 02, 2015February 19, 2015January 26, 2015January 09, 2015

You read it here first: What you can say about paper and plastic  Read it here

Québec Blue Box Fees Posted  Read it here

  1. Typical cleaning procedures don’t actually sanitise plastic crates: latest study
  2. PPEC Seminar and Celebration Dinner judged a great success
  3. Saskatchewan to re-launch its EPR initiative in January
  4. Nova Scotia hits pause button on paper and packaging EPR
  5. CCME trying to encourage consistency in EPR programs
  6. FTC warning on greenwashing, Canada to follow?   Read it here

  1. Look for a new Ontario waste policy announcement in June
  2. Our “Blue Box” blogs creating a lot of interest
  3. October 28: Save the date now! Read it here

  1. PPEC’s webinar survives technical glitches
  2. Our “Ban OCC” from landfill campaign about to be pitched to Ontario environment minister
  3. Promote your company on our websites
  4. Save October 28  Read it here

  1. Webinar on 25 February
  2. Please take 30 seconds to respond to our Member Survey
  3. PPEC’s 25th on October 28
  4. Recent blog goes down Memory Lane  Read it here

  1. Save the date (October 28)
  2. Webinar planned for February
  3. Membership survey coming
  4. Saskatchewan program on hold
  5. City of Toronto working on long-term waste management strategy
  6. Organic bans in BC  Read it here

  1. Save the date (October 28)
  2. Webinar planned for February
  3. Membership survey coming
  4. Saskatchewan program on hold
  5. City of Toronto working on long-term waste management strategy
  6. Organic bans in BC    Read it here

Special Advisories 2016


February 24February 16
Submission on Draft Strategy for a Waste-Free Ontario: Building the Circular Economy.  EBR Registry Number 012-5834

Click here for PPEC’s Submitted Comments.

As you may be aware, Ontario has tabled Bill 151, the Waste-Free Ontario Act, 2015. It is currently working its way through the provincial parliament and submissions are due on it by February 24. Click here for PPEC’s analysis of the Bill.   Need more info? Click here for the bill itself.


Special Advisories 2014


November 14, 2014April 11, 2014
Please get the word and “Recyclable” logo on your packaging!   Read it here   Need more info?  Read the full report here

Forest and Chain-of-Custody Certification. Read it here

Statistics, Sources, Analysis

National Packaging StatisticsProvincial Packaging StatisticsIndustrial (IC & I) Packaging StatisticsResidential Packaging StatisticsRecycled Content StatisticsSo much for the paperless house!Recyclability StatisticsForest StatisticsDeforestation Statistics
The good news is that a comprehensive national survey by Statistics Canada of packaging use, consumption, re-use, recycling and disposal, covering both industrial and residential sectors, exists. The bad news is that it was undertaken back in 1996. read the rest here
There are no provincial packaging statistics that cover both industrial and residential sources of packaging. read the rest here
Data does exist on the use of packaging by 31 different industrial, commercial and institutional (IC & I) sectors, but it was collected as part of the 1996 National Packaging Survey and is therefore old. read the rest here
There is now some very good data on residential packaging. The introduction of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) or stewardship programs on printed paper and packaging in several provinces has spurred the creation of comprehensive databases to track packaging usage, collection, recycling and disposal. read the rest here
PPEC surveys Canadian packaging mills on what they are using to make paper or board for packaging every two years. read the rest here
You’ve heard of the paperless office. What about the paperless house? Not going to happen, at least, not anytime soon. read the rest here
In Canada and in the US, the definition of the word “recyclable” for environmental labelling and advertising purposes, does not mean technically capable of being recycled, or actually being recycled. read the rest here
PPEC’s major source of information on forestry issues comes from the annual reports of the federal government department Natural Resources Canada. read the rest here
The major causes of net deforestation in Canada are conversion of land to agriculture and the extraction of oil and gas. read the rest here


Recycled Content Survey


These are the key findings of our latest Recycled Content/Furnish Survey:   Read the summary here

First of all, trees are made from a renewable resource. What does that mean? read the rest here

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Quebec Blue Box Fees – 2016:   View the presentation here