Are you looking to take positive action this Earth Day?

Here are some simple things you can do to make a big difference in our environment:

1). Be sure to recycle, including your paper-based packaging.
When we use and recycle paper-based packaging, we all play a part in protecting and replenishing our renewable resources, contributing to the sustainable management of Canada’s forests, and supporting the circular economy of the paper packaging industry. Be sure to recycle all of your paper packaging so that it can be remade into new packaging products again, keeping valuable raw materials out of landfill. Did you know? Paper can be recycled up to seven times, while corrugated box fibres can be used up to ten times, to make new boxes and other paper packaging products. It is estimated that 96% of Canadians have access to recycling for corrugated boxes, so do your part and recycle your paper packaging.

2). Learn about your local recycling program.
It is essential to understand your local recycling program and the products it accepts. Be sure to follow the guidance given as the acceptance of certain products can differ depending on where you live. Where it is ensuring the item is clean, emptying and flattening your boxes, removing caps from bottles, or cutting your boxes to local sizes, follow your local rules because it can impact the success of recycling of other products.

3). Don’t put your paper packaging in the garbage.
Paper packaging doesn’t belong in landfill as it can be recycled into new products. Keeping paper packaging out of landfills helps reduce methane and carbon dioxide emissions, minimizes our reliance on landfills, and ensures that new packaging can be produced from recycled content.

4). Take some time to clean up your local community.
It is Spring, and it is a perfect opportunity to gather with friends and family members and spend the day picking up waste and cleaning up our communities. If you see paper packaging litter, add it to your recycling bin. You aren’t just helping the environment around you be cleaner, you are playing an important role in helping that litter become new packaging products.

5). Learn more about Canada’s paper packaging circular economy.
At PPEC, we aim to recognize and celebrate the role of the paper packaging circular economy. Taking a circular economy approach can help transform our world for the better. Learn more about the paper packaging industry’s circular economy.