About PPEC 

The Paper and Paperboard Packaging Environmental Council (PPEC) has been a trusted and credible industry voice for the Canadian paper-based packaging industry for more than 30 years.  

PPEC represents approximately 90% of the Canadian paper packaging industry on environmental issues. PPEC members include paper packaging mills and converters operating who manufacture the major paper packaging grades: containerboard, boxboard, and Kraft paper. Learn more about PPEC members here. 

Through ongoing advocacy and communications, PPEC promotes the positive environmental attributes of paper-based packaging and the circular economy of our industry. PPEC works to correct misinformation about the Canadian paper packaging industry and provides ongoing analysis, insight, and research on the industry’s environmental issues.  

PPEC Past Achievements:

Since PPEC’s inception, it has been played a leadership role in helping to advance and support the paper packaging industry in a wide range of environmental issues, including recycling, environmental claims and greenwashing, sustainable forest management, the circular economy, and climate change.   

Here’s a snapshot of some of PPEC’s past contributions to the paper packaging industry:  

  • Pioneered the composting of waxed corrugated and old boxboard (an alternative to recycling in regions far from recycling mills).
  • First in North America to trial and promote the further recycling of old boxboard (today, some 94% of Canadians have access to its recycling).
  • First to apply activity-based costing to residential recycling programs (creating a more level playing field between packaging materials) in EPR or industry stewardship programs (Blue Box).
  • Pioneered a Food Packaging Protocol for using recycled board (giving confidence to customers using material from residential sources).
  • The first paper packaging association in the world whose entire mill membership is now independently third-party certified to internationally recognised “chain-of-custody” standards (responsible sourcing of both virgin and recycled materials).
  • First packaging association in Canada and possibly first corrugated association in the world to publicly call for a landfill ban on the type of packaging materials its own members produce.OOEC